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FREE TRAINING: 3 Keys to Speaking Confidently on Camera... So You Can Show Up in Your Biz Like The Rockstar You Are!

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You don't have to...

 Continue walking this journey solo...

 Continue leading with a watered down version of yourself...

 Spend another minute worrying if YOUR MOMENT will ever come... IT'S HERE

It's Possible To Lead With Energy And Confidence And For The Process of Sales To Flow & Feel Authentic

Hello, I'm Kelly!

There is something incredibly beautiful and powerful about a woman entrepreneur. By definition she is a woman of strength and courage. 

Yet, sometimes there is an inner battle that inhibits her from fully stepping into her potential. 

It's my life's mission to find and empower her with the confidence and skills she needs so she can fully unleash her gifts. 

Because when we put our energy into the world without reservation, we are able to have a greater impact. 

Believe it or not... 

As a young girl, I was timid and constantly feared saying the "wrong thing."

And although I knew it was something I needed to overcome, I had no idea how. I'd always been intrigued by character- all the qualities that make someone perfectly and utterly unique. 

So this shy girl, determined to overcome this mental block, studied acting! It was a scary leap, but it was through my experience on stage that I realized that confidence is a skill that you can learn. 

It took a commitment to do the work- Scared! 

But it's the kind of work that's not only fulfilling but good for the soul. I NEVER felt more alive than when facing my fears. 

See- one of the greatest pains in life is that of an untold story. It's your story that enables you to share with authenticity and ensures you're able to build a solid foundation of trust with your audience. 

EVERYTHING you need to succeed ALREADY lies within you!

Working in the business space, I see it all the time - there are so many people who are afraid of public speaking (in person or on video), and it interferes with their ability to really grow beyond trading time for money. 

My own journey to find my voice was so transformative. And now, I combine my experience in acting and performance with coaching and personal development - the outer and the inner - so that my students don’t have to learn the hard way or go it alone! 

Don't allow your fear to hold you back another day!




You ARE your story...


...so you can unleash your potential and scale your business.

10 Week Intensive: Shine Your Light

For female entrepreneurs who know they need to step into the spotlight and share their message..

1. Learn to live, own, and share your story so you can increase intimacy and sales. 

2. Master your Mindset through interactive/experimental play so you can master your conscious & subconscious thoughts

3. Receive your inner goddess so you can allow her to shine through your voice & presence.

4. Connect with your people RIGHT where they are so they can receive what you have for them.

5. Learn to embrace story through the 9 Character Archetypes so you can share with affection

6. Unlock the code of human behavior so your people are ABLE to seize your energy & offer 

7. Embrace story in a way that increases conversions and creates the ULTIMATE 3 minute video

8. Discover your unique pitch style so people are asking you, "How Can I Work With You?"

9. Embrace a new decision making strategy so you can effectively make decisions that will change EVERYTHING. 

10. Quell your nerves so you can NAIL your message on video, on stage, or LIVE from your living room EVERY time.

10 Week Intensive Includes:  

4 X 1:1 Sessions
Weekly Live Training Calls To Connect & Empower
A High Energy Facebook™ Group For Community/Support
Personal Feedback On 1 Video Submission Per Week


This is the lovely Amanda. She is a business photographer who used to struggle with her video marketing. 

She was tired of wasting time, recording take after take trying to get it right. She had trouble getting to the point in her videos, and therefore lacked clarity in her messaging.

She felt frustrated because she knew that creating engaging video content is an important part of attracting new customers to her business - so she signed up for a workshop with Kelly, and everything changed!

Amanda found that with Kelly's guidance, strategy, and support, she was able to overcome her lack of focus and create great videos with intention and ease.
After just a few days of implementing what she learned from Kelly, Amanda became much more confident, intentional, and efficient with her video marketing!

And watch CATHARINE's powerful story of opportunity and personal growth...

Catharine knew that posting videos to social media was a real key to having her clients get to know, like and trust her - but she wasn't doing it consistently... and she even felt guilty about not showing up for her audience!

For a Social Media Marketer who runs a content business and who teaches her 1:1 clients to show up on video every day, but she couldn't seem to bring herself to commit to it. 

Catharine attended one of Kelly's workshops, and has transformed her business with new opportunities she never could have imagined!

Since she implemented Kelly's strategies, Catharine is now confidently and consistently showing up for her audience on video, and getting CRAZY sales conversions!

Are You Still Wondering If You Should Apply...

Listen... Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real! 

Most people who want to make a massive change don't because they ALLOW fear to hold them back.

Here's the thing my friend... 

What's really holding you back is your inability to have your own back! 

 If Nothing Changes: Nothing Changes

If you want to be able to show up with confidence, increase sales, and scale your business... Then  THE 10 WEEk INTENSIVE: SHINE YOUR LIGHT is for you!

You'll Deep Dive Into The Core Issues Holding You Back

And Learn To Truly "Live Out Loud" 

So... You Can Fully Step Into Your Potential & Share Your Gifts With The World!!

Here's what I want for you...

I want you to realize your POTENTIAL and take hold on whats INSIDE you.

I want you to fully EMBRACE all the things that make you UNIQUE and share them with Confidence.

I want you to feel FREE to share your story and INVITE opportunities for Growth

I want you to be able to SCALE your Business So You Can Help MORE people and have MORE Freedom

And if this resonates with you, I want to be the one to walk with you, as you embark on this contemporary, thrilling journey into unleashing your inner GODDESS and ALL OF HER POTENTIAL!!

Shine Your Light

It's Possible To Lead With Confidence So The Process of Sales Flows
 With Heartfelt Authenticity...