Master the Art of Show Stopping Webinars!
UP-LEVEL your service based business model so you're not trading time for money!
We are currently in the MOST incredible time to grow our business and share our message in an incredibly sustainable way. Everything about the way we communicate, inspire and engage our audience is changing rapidly in a way that is both simple and scaleable. 

If you are not yet incorporating webinars (or online sales based presentations) into your business, you're likely spending a lot more time than you need to grow and scale your business.

This 3 part MEGA MASTERCLASS will give you the tools, techniques and inspiration to grow your business in a sustainable way through webinars - don't miss this one off LIVE online event!
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Exclusive, Mega Masterclass Training hosted by Kelly Petering

Show Stopping

Sell your programs or service without time consuming sales calls and EXPAND YOUR IMPACT!

This 3 part training series will show you exactly what's working in the space of sharing your message and making sales via webinars so you can scale your business without trading time for money.

If your goals for this year include:

✨ Stepping up even more to serve and support your audience with your knowledge and passion online

✨ Launching a group program with webinars or sales based livestreams

✨ Spending more time in a space of FLOW rather than pushing through resistance

✨ Igniting your passion through deep energetic work

✨ Increasing your revenue whilst spending LESS time working IN your business

✨ Optimising your time online and creating more space in your calendar

✨ Creating a system to support your sales process to reduce the time spent converting leads into sales

Then you MUST dive in to this 3 PART TRAINING!

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It's time to show up, share and scale!

In this brand new training, with NEW exclusive content, you will walk away with an actionable and simplified webinar specific blueprint for your business that supports both you, your business AND your audience. Learn how to create powerful webinars so you can show up and makes sales in a more sustainable way...

Cultivate unshakeable CONFIDENCE speaking in front of groups so you can feel good about creating and delivering webinars for your business!

Create an ACTIONABLE PLAN for your webinar and ensure you are leveraging your knowledge and skills so you can stop trading time for money.

Uncover infinite possibilities for using your voice to share your message to your dream audience and EXPAND your potential in a way that feels abundant.

All while stepping in to your own personal power, aligning your business in a sustainable way and serving your audience on a larger scale. 

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Mega Masterclass Agenda

Strategic thinking & potential webinar pathways so you can expand your impact and reach more people

Session 2 - MAGNETISE 
How to fill your audience with your DREAM clients

Create your specific webinar content outline to ensure it's optimised to sell your program or service

Access 3 powerful sessions to EXPAND YOUR IMAPCT!

Strategic thinking & potential webinar pathways so you can expand your impact and reach more people

In this strategy focused session, Kelly shares the pivotal elements she has implemented in her business over the past 8 years running webinars. Kelly has used a number of different webinar strategies (there isn't just one!!!) and will be sharing the ones that are working best right now!

How to fill your audience with your 
DREAM clients

Kelly shows you the most simple yet scaleable method to find your unique voice, leverage the time you spend IN your business and ultimately grow your business through webinars.

This session creates a fundamental shift in the way we show up as business owners to impact and give value to our clients.

Create your specific webinar content outline to ensure it's optimised to sell your program or service

It's not enough these days to slap any old content together and expect to have a successful outcome. In this deep sales focused session Kelly shares critical insights on the art of influence, persuasion and the psychology of sales. 

BONUS: Access to Bonus Advanced Training Videos

When you purchase the training today, you will instantly receive access to BONUS Advanced Training Videos on how to position yourself as an expert in your industry through speaking, pitching yourself via video content and so much more!

Meet your Facilitator, Kelly Petering

Hello, I'm Kelly!

I am a video and presentation coach, and I empower passionate entrepreneurs with the confidence and skills they need so they can fully unleash their gifts.

Because when we put our energy into the world without reservation, we are able to have a greater impact. 

You see, the world needs to hear your message…

I imagine if you’re anything like me, you’ve got passion and determination to create positive change in our world. 

In one way or another - big or small, you’re driven by an idea, concept or mission that truly matters. 

Maybe you’re not yet fully aware of the power that lies within you to facilitate change for your audience... to truly make a difference. 

Over the past 10 years I have: 

- Completed a Bachelor of Arts in Acting and worked as a Performer and Voice Over Artist. 
- Studied Human Behaviour and Personal Development 
- Worked as a leadership coach/mentor 
- Owned and operated multiple businesses (including a pretty amazing hotel/restaurant)
- Spent well over 6 figures (and still going) on my personal growth and development

In the past 4 years I've been focused on teaching public speaking and facilitation skills.

I've working with hundreds of students ranging from age 10 to age 65 (possibly older)... and even written a book on the topic "Speak with Confidence and Grow Your Business".

Here’s the thing… 

If you’ve got a vision that you want to bring to the world, an idea that NEEDS to be shared, or perhaps an inner knowing that you are meant for more… then I know you, my friend, are READY to embrace the Spotlight. 

I’ve never felt 100% ready for any of the challenges I’ve taken on so far. Anything that is worth doing requires an element of challenge.

You might experience mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness… That’s a good thing!

It means you’re truly living and GROWING.

The global shift that's happening right now is your next opportunity...

The online events, course and programs space has grown dramatically in the last few years. 

And it's not slowing down. 

In fact, it's speeding up. 

People are hungry for growth, for expansion, for access to experts with a unique message to share. 

But it's not an easy path. It takes guts, courage and determination to step out into the spotlight.

If you want to be able to deliver an impactful presentation or event with passion and presence... 

If you're ready to stand tall in all your power and OWN your voice... 

If you want to inspire ACTION within your dream clients... 

If you want to make a difference on a larger scale than you're able to right now... 

This Mega Masterclass will show you how.
Here's what I want for you...

I want you to realize your POTENTIAL and take hold on whats INSIDE you.

I want you to fully EMBRACE all the things that make you UNIQUE and share them with Confidence!

I want you to feel FREE to share your story and INVITE opportunities for Growth...

I want you to be able to SCALE your business so you can help MORE people and have MORE Freedom!

And if this resonates with you, I want to be the one to walk with you, as you embark on this thrilling journey into unleashing ALL OF YOUR POTENTIAL!!

See you at the Mega Masterclass,
Kelly x
You don't have to...

 Be so overwhelmed by the thought of delivering webinars to your audience that you come up with all other kinds of marketing efforts that are time consuming and aren't giving you the return you're looking for...

 Allow fear to continue holding you back from sharing your message and having greater impact - 

 Spend another minute worrying if YOUR MOMENT will ever come... IT'S HERE

It's possible to Scale Your Business! 

You can find your flow & feel authentic when marketing your business online with webinars!

You just need someone to show you how - I'm here to provide the guidance and support you need to become the most confident and inspired version of yourself. 

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